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  1. generally
    The general terms and conditions apply to all Dutch TVGSPORTS tournaments
  2. Registration / organization costs
    Applications must be made using the application form on the site. After registration you will receive an original bill from TVGSPORTS concerning the tournament. You must pay this account within fourteen days. If you have paid the payment, your team (s) will be credited to this tournament, and you are sure to participate. Your registration will be removed from the administration and your registration will be canceled. Note registration / organization costs are not refundable.
  3. Payments
    When registering for both the tournament and / or accommodation, you must meet the payment obligations. In the event of non-compliance with payment obligations, TVGSPORTS reserves the right to charge cancellation costs for the agreement, accommodation and / or registration.
  4. Cancellations
    Please note, all prices regarding the stays (hotels, youth hostels, etc) do not include cancellation/travel insurance, you must take care of this yourself. This also applies to cancellation of the team for the tournament. If you book an accommodation with us, the cancellation rules apply for the relevant location.
  5. House rules and deposit
    House rules apply to the stay that you book through us. You must adhere to this at all times, the accommodation, which you will receive from us. Some stays require a deposit, which must be paid locally on arrival, unless otherwise stated by us.
  6. Program
    TVGSPORTS draws up the details of the program. TVGSPORTS reserves the right to change the program if
    There are well-founded reasons for this and do not accept any liability for the non-execution or incomplete implementation of the program as a result of circumstances beyond its control.
  7. Photo / Film material
    You agree that photographs and film recordings taken during the tournament may be used for tournament publication / marketing and tvgsports.
  8. Liability
    Make sure that all players on your team are insured on and around the pitches and in accommodations. TVGSPORTS does not take any responsibility regarding injuries, illnesses, theft or damage to property and / or persons. TVGSPORTS is in no way responsible for financial damage that can be caused by war, strikes, roadblocks, or other actions of the (local) authorities, and / or violent actions of persons.
  9. Exclusion from participation
    Vandalism or violent acts will be reported to the police. TVGSPORTS will report violence against persons or property that results in any injury or damage to the police and (have it) recovered from the perpetrator of the violence. If the party responsible for this is a player or coach of a participating team, this team will be excluded from further participation in the tournament if necessary. If the perpetrator of this is a supporter / parent of a participating team, this person will be denied further access to the relevant sports park where the incident took place and removed, if necessary with the help of the police.
  10. Beverage / Food
    It is forbidden for the participants / spectators to bring their own alcoholic drinks to the sports park, and to consume their own food / drinks on the (covered) terraces of the sports park. No alcohol under the age of 18.
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