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Easter Open East, we start with the fifth edition. Play at least six matches at two beautiful sports parks.
Nice here, you play either in Drenthe or in Overijssel, and yet close together.
Nice trips to Pony Park Slagharen, or nice bike rides. Because you play in day parts (not available on request), you still have the possibility to organize this, outside of football. 
Gramsbergen (Overijssel) and Coevorden (Drenthe), the two sports parks where they play, have certainly achieved their ability, in terms of organizing. Conviviality and excellent guidance.
Recommended to spend the night on the Kuierpad (to be booked with us), beautiful bungalow / chalet park, a stay for adventurers.

Gramsbergen and Coevorden have only been active in the Easter Open Tournaments for five years. But in those five years many countries have been active in Drenthe / Overijssel.
The Netherlands, Belgium, Scotland, England, Wales, Denmark and Kenya.
Also in the fifth edition we are going for various countries.

Fixed programs at all Easter Open Tournaments.

  • Saturday: group matches 09.00-12.30 / group matches 13.15-17.30
  • Sunday: placement of matches 09.00-12.30 / placement of matches 13.15-17.30
  • Sunday: finals at 5 pm
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