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Easter Open Europe

Easter Open Europe

Easter Open Europe is divided into three parts: Easter Open Holland, Easter Open Germany and Easter Open Belgium.
Easter Open Holland South has been active since 1999, West since 2015 and East for four years.

We received more and more demand for Easter tournaments in Belgium and Germany, and we have found excellent sports parks that were eager to help organize. 
With us is still for the Dutch teams: accommodation can be arranged, but is not mandatory, concerns Holland and Belgium.

Easter Open Germany can only be booked with accommodation.

Also Easter Open for the small ones!

Play schedules

The group matches will be played on Saturday, April 16, and on Sunday, April 17, the placement and final matches. On Saturday and Sunday you play in half-days, ie you play before noon or after noon, so that you can do other activities besides the tournament. Note: Due to the number of teams, we cannot fulfill any wishes regarding the part of the day that you play.

On Sunday, groups larger than 24 teams will be split into Gold Cup (winners round) and Silver Cup (losers round). Both Cups play for the cup with the big ears (not only the winners round).

Large field plays 1 × 30 minutes, small field 1 × 20 minutes and the U7 (Saturday only) 1x 10 minutes.

Teun, the TVGSPORTS mascot is also present.

Tournament information

During the tournament days you will not receive a tournament book. Two weeks before the start, everything will be sent by email.
In other words, the tournament schedule for Saturday and Sunday, regulations, play locations, player lists, and if you have booked accommodation, also the accommodation.
So make sure you provide the correct email address.

Note: concerns dispensation players (ters), 3 players (ters) in the team, one year older than the age group indicates. A team consists of players and reserve players.

One of the nice winners 2019.

We wish all associations a fun and sporty tournament, on behalf of Tiny van Gemert Sports and co-organizing associations.

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